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Shep X


7 months

Black & Brown






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June 29, 2024 Poppy (Edna's sister) would love a home of her own. She is currently being fostered in Calgary. Here is what her foster mom has to say about her:
Poppy is very sweet & loves a good scratch or leaning in for a snuggle. She gets along great with other dogs, especially loving to play with the big ones (our house has two). She is great off leash as she likes to stay close to her pack, & recall is coming along great especially with treats. She is a dream in the car, either sticking her nose out the window or lying down to sleep. She waits for her food until you tell her “ok” & waits for the other dogs to finish before licking their bowls. She is housetrained & good in the kennel especially with a bone to chew, & has learned to sleep in the kennel or free in the house overnight. She likes to chew so bones & balls are a favorite! She can be a little timid with new people but warms up & loves them. At 6 months she was 41lbs so she will likely end up around 55-60lbs fully grown.

How To Adopt

*To get started, please review our Adoption Policies and fill out the application form.*

Once your application has been received, only selected applicants will be contacted by one of our Almost Home Canine Rescue team members to conduct a phone screening. This is an opportunity to go over your adoption application and discuss the overall process. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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