Zidaine (Zaine)

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Husky Lab X

10 weeks



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Zidaine (Zaine)

Zidiane or Zaine as his foster family hails from Manitoba and is a 10 week old Lab with likely husky mix.

Here's what his foster family has to say about him:
"Zidaine is such an amazing boy, he is super friendly and loves to cuddle and give kisses!

He is super dooper fast and enjoys running around the house and yard like a maniac. He loves playing with toys, especially fetch and tug. He especially loves wrestling with his brother Zar and also likes it when Zar chases him around the house.

Zidaine is very gentle with and curious about our cat and disabled chihuahua, he also loves to play with our 3yr old Staffy, their favourite game together is tug. Zidaine and Zar will definitely need to be adopted by active owners as they can both play for hours on end. It takes at least a solid hour of exercise a few times per day to wear them out.

Zidaine is a bit calmer than his brother, he seems to be okay when left alone and doesn't seem to worry as much. He is so cute when Zar tries to sit on him or sleep on top of him, he tries to get up and move but then Zar just gets up and does the same thing to him and he accepts his fate, lol.

Zidaine is happy to be in his crate or in a dog bed, he loves chewing on nyla bones and kongs when he's not napping. Zidaine sleeps through the night in his crate no problem and only wakes up if he has to pee, he also stays in the crate and sleeps for about 4-5 hours during the day while I'm at work.

Zidaine is learning commands so fast, he is definitely the alpha out of the two pups and I think Zar learns by mimicking his behaviour a bit. He is quickly learning basic commands like: come, bed, crate, outside, fetch, stay and down. He's already going to the bathroom outside after only a few days of training, he still has accidents here and there but with consistency he'll have it down in no-time!

Zidaine LOVES playing with toys and when he can't find one you'll catch him running around with whatever he can find.. shoes, jackets, toilet paper... lol. We're working with him on that, we use a bitter apple spray on items that he tries to play with that he's not supposed to and it stops him 99% of the time.

Zidaine is a little bit nippy and likes to jump up but we're working on that with him, he's super smart so he'll catch on in no time.

Zidaine loves food a lot and is treat motivated which helps with training, he gobbles up his meals really fast though and we're working with him on slowing it down just a little bit."

If you would like to meet Zar please fill out an application and we'll be in contact to book a meet and greet.


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