Zahara (Zar)

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Husky Lab X

10 weeks



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Zahara (Zar)

Zarah or Zar as his foster family hails from Manitoba and is a 10 week old Lab with likely husky mix.

Here's what his foster family has to say:
"Zar is the sweetest pup and a real smarty pants! His personality is amazing, he's super friendly and loves to cuddle and give kisses. He is very attached to his brother Zhidaine, when they're not chasing each other around the house you'll find them cuddled up on the dog bed or in their crate. I would love to see them stay together as they're an amazing duo, like Batman and Robin! Zar is hilarious, she always sits on her brother's head or tries to sleep right on top of him.

Zar is very interested in getting to know our cat and disabled chihuahua and has been very gentle with both of them. He also loves to play tug with our Staffy who is quite a bit bigger than him. He teams up with his brother Zhidaine and they both pull one side of the rope and Abbey pulls the other.

He is already learning to potty outside and he also lets us know if he has to go outside when he's in his crate. He still has accidents here and there but with consistency he'll have it down in no time.

Zar is a hungry boy, we're working with him on slowing down a bit when he's eating his puppy food because he gobbles up in seconds. That being said, he is very food motivated and is already learning basic commands and words like come, bed, crate, stay, fetch and down.

Zar has a bit of separation anxiety and gets a little bit stressed out when I leave the house or even room. He whines and barks for a while but eventually stops. I have a furbo camera so I can keep an eye on my pets when I'm out and he's usually calm again after about 5 minutes. We're working on ways to help him with that, I try to give him his nyla bone or a kong if I have to go anywhere to keep him busy.

I'm crate training Zar, he is happy to go in his crate. I've been rewarding him when he goes in there on his own so he is learning that it's a good place to be. He sleeps in the crate all night long and during the day for about 4-5 hours while I'm at work.

Zar is still a bit nippy and tries to jump up but we're working on correcting both of those things and I'm positive with consistency he'll stop in no time as he's very smart."

If you would like to meet Zar please fill out an application and we'll be in contact to book a meet and greet.


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