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Husky X


Cream and White


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Xia is a husky X and approximately 3 to 4 months old.

From the foster's:

We call her Cedar and she has been doing really well with her recall in the house and in the yard. She is a lover of all people and will give kisses to anyone who will let her. She spends most of her time as close to our feet as she can be and is always up for playtime, a game of fetch, or a snuggle. She loves being outside, even in the cold, and has endless amounts of energy for zoomies in the yard. We have been trying her out on a leash and it seems to be going well, but could use a bit more practice. Cedar is a clever girl! She had the house training worked out in 1 day (no pee pads required) and is eager to learn any tricks as long as it means treats. She loves to ride in the car and does well sleeping in her crate during the night. She will need an active and energetic home to keep her stimulated. I could see her doing really well with agility training, hiking, biking, or other sports that would allow her to use her mind and her body. She would probably do really well with another dog to play with as she does not like to be by herself. We have not tried her with cats or small children, but she still jumps and uses her mouth on everything so will likely need more corrections and patience in a home with cats or kids.

If you would like to meet Xia please fill out an adoption application and someone at the rescue will contact you.


*To get started, please review our Adoption Policies and fill out the application form below.*

Once your application has been received, selected applicants only will be contacted by one
of our Almost Home Canine Rescue team members to conduct a phone screening. This is
an opportunity to go over your adoption application and discuss the overall process. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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