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Norwegian Elkhound X

1.5 years



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Richie is about 1year old, fully grown and weighs about 34lbs. Richie needs another dog in the home and does not like to be kenneled. He does seem to exhibit some separation anxiety and would be best suited in a home with another dog.
Richie is incredibly smart and will try to outsmart his people. Richie needs an experienced family or one who is willing to learn and put the time and effort into training.
Richie loves physical touch and will even fall asleep while sitting as long as he feels you touching him.

From his Foster:
"Richie A.K.A. Alan
Alan is an adorable little floofball and goofball who loves cuddles, treats and walks!
With his size and shape, we think he is part Norwegian Elk Hound, and with his coloring maybe part shepherd. He is about 1 year old and still plays like a puppy, but is surprisingly well behaved. He knows sit, and we are working on other commands such as wait, down, and paw. He’s a fast learner but does have a certain mischievous vibe sometimes. Alan has the potential to be a great dog but will need a firm training to ensure no bad habits form. As soon as you let him get away with something, he will test he boundaries. He walks well on a leash, with hardly any pulling, and not much interest in other dogs, or small creatures like squirrels or birds. He’s met a 6 year old and a 2 year old, and did well around them. He just wanted them to pet him all the time.
He loves to be pet and will sit with you for as long as you let him. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house, other than trying to mark the first time we brought him in the house. He does have some separation anxiety and will need another dog and/or people around. We are working on his kennel training, as he still isn’t a huge fan of it. We’ve left him out with our dog for a few hours though, and he was fine. "

If you would like to meet Richie, please fill out an adoption application and someone will contact you.


*To get started, please review our Adoption Policies and fill out the application form below.*

Once your application has been received, selected applicants only will be contacted by one
of our Almost Home Canine Rescue team members to conduct a phone screening. This is
an opportunity to go over your adoption application and discuss the overall process. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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