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Shep X

1 year



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What Raz's foster has to say...

Raz has been a pleasure to have in our home - we call her Raz-Bear, or Raz-berry - though she doesn't seem to know any name we call her, but will always come when called for pets and food.
Raz is a very smart, polite, food motivated girl. She is great with other dogs, always submissive during play but will guard her food. She was hesitant to go in the kennel at the start, but now will gladly go in if she knows there is a treat for her. She is a bit of an escape artist, has been known to climb the gate in our house to avoid being confined to the room we keep our other dogs in while we are out, but just likes to be free. She has a funny habit of being busy, collecting "things" all night long - she collects whatever treasures she can find and just brings them to her bed - socks, toys, sticks, dishes, nerf darts, shoes... - she doesn't destroy them or chew them, just likes to collect treasures and seems very proud in the morning when you wake up to her gifts!
Raz really is a sweet girl, loves to be pet and cuddled, and likes to be close. We have been working on some manners like giving space, not jumping up, and basic obedience. She is a bit pully on the leash, but not hard to walk - she just wants to please and is very attentive whenever treats are involved. - she loves my kids, listening well to them as well. She is never aggressive or too excited with the kids, cats, or other animals in our house - but hasn't been allowed too close to the small animals though. I think she would be a lovely pet for a family, a single, or busy house - she just seems really adaptive and easy going.

If you would like to meet Raz please fill out an application and someone will be in touch to book a meet and greet.


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Once your application has been received, selected applicants only will be contacted by one
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