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Grey, Brown, Black


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Hi! My name is Meadow. I am about 2 years old and full grown weighing ONLY 25 POUNDS!!
I am all the Husky look without the Husky size and not too much Husky personality. I came into the rescue with a litter of puppies but they have all found homes now and I am ready to find mine!

From Meadows foster
"Meadow is a very special girl. She takes time to warm up to her people and then she loves hard. When she came into foster, it took about 2 days for her to come to me for pets, it took several more days before she would approach my husband for pets – now they are besties. Time and patience is key with this little girl and once she opens up her little personality just shines through. She loves her people with her whole heart and will be great for those that are home a lot and can spend the time getting to know her and of course, her bonding with her people.
She is a smart, cuddle bug. She loves routine, she absolutely loves her daily walks and is fantastic on a leash. She does not react to people or dogs on her walks as we confidently walk her past them and she just goes. She loves giving kisses, likes her belly scratches and her treats. She is not a dog that plays with toys and at first bones and bully sticks were a strange anomaly to her.
She is early to rise and early to bed. She is free roaming in our home and will go to bed around 9pm, she leaves me watching TV and goes to snuggle with my husband. She loves her dog bed and she loves sleeping between us during the night, she doesn’t get up but will sleep straight through. I have a feeling she feels safe tucked in between us.
We have been working on her confidence as she is very wary of strangers, big and small. Her natural reaction is to growl, not in aggression as she does not react any more than that, but just a fear of the unknown. We gently correct this as not much more is needed. I believe proper introductions have to be made to other dogs, cats and kids that will be part of the home and she will be just fine once she is used to the dynamic. Smaller kids will have to be respectful of her space.
Whomever adopts her, will have the best furever friend. She just needs time, patience, understanding and of course, love.
We will miss this little girl dearly when she leaves us."

If you would like to meet me, please fill out an adoption application and someone at the rescue will contact you if we are a match!


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Once your application has been received, selected applicants only will be contacted by one
of our Almost Home Canine Rescue team members to conduct a phone screening. This is
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