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Husky Mix

8 weeks

Black, white & grey


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Hi, my name is Andee, and I am about 8 weeks old, and I arrived all by myself from northern Saskatchewan. I was trying to fend for myself to find food and shelter, but it was very hard as the weather was very cold up north. I also am not very trusting of humans right now because I have not been around them very much.

As I am very unsure of people and my urban surroundings, and of even just being inside a building, I am in foster care to hopefully learn that I can trust humans, but it is a slow process so I am very glad my foster family is very patient with me. I am so thankful to be in a quiet environment where I can relax and not be so scared all the time - maybe being rescued was my early Christmas present from Santa? 🎅

I do know that when I am around other puppies, I am much braver, and I really come out of my shell! I can sometimes play a little rough, but that is mostly because I get really excited to play with any other dog right now. I miss playing with my friends from northern Saskatchewan, and I am very lonely and scared in this strange new world. 😢 I would really love to find a family that might adopt both myself and another puppy so we can grow up together!

I will probably be a medium sized dog, and because I am part Husky, I will have lots of energy! A large fenced back yard would be great so I can run off all my extra energy for the next several years. I would wish for a family that will be patient with me, teach me tricks with positive reinforcement to keep me mentally challenged, take me on adventures in nature, watch movie marathons with me, and most importantly, a family that will rub my tummy! Oh - and even more importantly, I would wish to have someone home most of the time so I can spend time with my people - I am only a baby until I am 6-8 months old, and I will be terrified if I am left alone. 😨

If you think you would like to meet me, please fill in an application to adopt.

Paws & Kisses, Andee 🐾


*To get started, please review our Adoption Policies and fill out the application form below.*

Once your application has been received, selected applicants only will be contacted by one
of our Almost Home Canine Rescue team members to conduct a phone screening. This is
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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